Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Loads To Tell You...

Sorry folks, I haven't been blogging for a bit, been busy with other stuff, have been trying to do comments each night but that doesn't always happen either now the boys are home.

So what's new???

Well to start with, Colin passed his driving test, first sitting yesterday, with only 2 minors.  He did really well and I'm so pleased for him - now I will be fighting him for access to my car the rest of the summer!  I've still to make his card and will post it along with a photo next week.

In the mean time, here are a couple of photo's taken just before Colin's "Final Fling" - the school prom.

He had loads of friends over ahead of their main event, below are just a couple of the photos I took.

Moving on to Alan now, well he has now managed to get back in at Tesco's for the Summer, so after induction on Monday he should start to pick up shifts there.  In the mean time he's for ever at the gym or out cycling.

And on the subject of exercise, my Race for Life event is on Sunday and I've been back training. Although I'm not as fit for the event as I have been in previous years, I hope to run most if not all of the 5k.

I still have my Just Giving Link at the side of my blog if anyone wants to sponsor me, or if you prefer, you could try the new "Just Text Giving ."


Friends and family can make a donation simply by texting your JustTextGiving code, In my case that's LNXO91 and the amount they wish to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070. It’s free to send the text, and the donations will be included on your JustGiving page. For example, if you wish to donate £10 you should text LNXO91 £10 to the phone number 70070.( I've just tried it, it does work but the code is LNX O for Oscar not zero - took me several attempts to work that out!)
So that's what's been going on in my busy little life!  As for next week, I'm in Aberdeen as Alan is getting a new shower fitted.  Hopefully I'll be able to do comments there, but I won't be able to upload new projects - I'll just have to rely on blogger for that and maybe see if Colin can post a race picture for me too.

Have a great week everyone, Jx


Sarah said...

What a lovely post Janice!! Congratulations to Colin for passing and commiserations to you for losing the car!! Love the picture of all the youngsters in their finery, bet they didn't look like that afterwards!! I will be thinking of you on Sunday and whatever distance you run is a fantastic achievement for a fantastic cause!! Good Luck!! xx

Whisper said...

Congrats to Colin for passing his driving test and how handsome he looks too, will be thinking of you on Sunday and good luck, luv Sam x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Well Done Coluin, think we might be a while here as Jake got a Road Ragey Nut upsetting him last week and has kinda lost confidence :( Love the school piccys they are ace, Love seeing them all in their kilts. Off to do a blog ditty for you for the race,

Love Hazelxx

cotnob said...

Wow! There certainly has been a lot going on in your neck of the woods!
Huge congratulations to Colin, fortunately my Mum helped my eldest buy his first car because we always wanted mine at the same time so I know how you feel.
Wonderful photo's, what a handsome group, I hope they had a fabulous time.
Also well done to Alan finding work so quickly.
Good luck for your race on Sunday, I hope the weather is kind to you.

DesignerDiva said...

What fantastic photos Janice all that time in the cupboard paid off then! The boys look handsome in their kilts, my eldest is going up to St Andrews for his friends wedding in July and they are all wearing kilts. Tragedy reigns supreme in my life at the moment!! His girlfriend aged 26 has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so I've just donated for your run, I'm still waiting for the results on the polyps they removed from me. No news is good news I hope!
Congratulations to Colin on passing his test first time, just think of all the running around you won't have to do!!!
Big hugs and good luck for Sunday
Laurie xx

Kathie said...

Oh Janice what stunning photo's of the group and your son and his partner. The boys really look lovely in their kilts. Your son's partner is totally stunning in the beautiful apricot gown which this colour really suits her with her dark hair. All the very best for your race on Sunday I do hope the weather stays nice for you. All the very best and happy crafting.

Sue B said...

Aww what lovely photos Janice, they all look gorgeous in their prom attire. And well done to Colin on passing his driving test first time, that's excellent news!!! :-))
Good Luck for Sunday hun, I hope all goes well for you and hope you reach your target!
Love and hugs
Sue B xx

Janice said...

Thanks for all the sponsorship my blog buddies - my total has now shot past £100 - You are all so generous & I really do thank you all, Jx :)