Monday, 9 June 2014

Decoupage Tips

Now I am by no means an expert on working from a CD or doing decoupage, so before making my GD card for Ooh La La, I asked around a bit and looked things up.

Here are just a few of the things I found useful;

When printing images from a CD don't use too thick or absorbant a card to make cutting out easier and to save on ink.

Once your images are printed, cut then out with big scissors trying to cut whole sides in one cut (- you get a straighter edge when not doing lots of  little clips.)

When cutting out layers make sure non of the white surrounding card is visible on the cut image as it spoils the end image on the card.

Layers can be stuck together with a silicone glue or pads. I used Docrafts Stick- It glue and 1mm foam pads
- if you use deeper pads your card ends up very fat - I learned that!

Finally, you don't have to use all the layers printed if you don't want - again cards can end up too fat or too busy!

That's all I can think of  for now, but feel free to add more tips as comments and I'll add them to my post.



Sarah said...

What a great post Janice. I used to do lots of decoupage and feel it's such a shame that it's not so popular (I get the feeling it's not quite considered to be in the same league as stamping) perhaps we should stage a revival. The best tip I was ever given was to curl the layers before adhering them. This means you can't see the adhesive and gives shape too!! You have inspired me I am going to do some decoupage!! xx

Sue said...

Congrats on your GDT spot Janice. Your card is fabulous and I love the design. I used to do lots of decoupage, found it quite relaxing cutting out but haven't done any for a while.
Sue xx