Thursday, 8 March 2012

... but I love my husband!

So, yesterdays shabby post - sorry for the content, but it was computer meltdown! Today, thanks to my fantastic husband, I'm up and running again - lost a few bits on the desktop so there's still work to be done, but it's a million times better than it was.

I would also like to say sorry to Craig if he's reading this - he felt I was a bit grumpy and a tad ungrateful last night as he spent most of the night trying to fix things for me. So, yes, I admit it, I was in a bad mood cause I couldn't blog & I may have behaved slightly badly - but only slightly - if you'd fixed it quicker I wouldn't have sulked off to bed!!!

Anyway, my other news - my birthday treat - 12 letters one of the "c" - it was in fact,theatre tickets to see the opening night of Dirty Dancing, & it was brilliant! We went for a meal first at 1906 the theatre restaurant, which was very good, then on to the show. The cast, music, costumes & scene changes were amazing and it was a lovely birthday surprise.

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to all my friends & blog buddies who sent me cards & pressies for my birthday. You are all so generous & thoughtful, so thank you all so much.

Finally, a pic of the beautiful orchid Craig gave me - perfect timing Mr with my orchid card just made - isn't this one a beauty! Jx


Whisper said...

Oh WOW what a fantastic surprise and it's a great show isn't it.

I would have been grumpy if my computer had crashed too !!, Luv Sam x

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow .. what a fabulous present ..i am so jealous - i bet it was wonderful ( and better than my guess of a fish pedicure lol)
YOu got some gorgeous cards - and that Orchid is beautiful
Lisa x

marion said...

I've seen this show and it's awesome, just like the movie, only live. Looks like somebody is spoiled !!Have fun. Hugs, Marion

Andrew said...

Happy to hear that you recovered from the computer meltdown :)

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

A big Happy Birthday to you too. What wonderful surprises you got. I loved the movie Dirty Dancing . It would be awesome to see the play. PS My external hard-drive crashed and burned. Thank goodness I had my back-up. One time I didn't and lost EVERYTHING. Live and learn.