Saturday, 22 October 2011

New York Days 4 & 5

Didn't quite manage to do my NY blog diary each day we were away - I did try, but it wasn't always possible to get on line. I will however share with you the highlights of our holiday week, these included;

A trip to the New York Natural History Museum - I liked it, but sadly the guys were a tad bored so we bailed quite soon into the visit. We did however visit the dinosaur floor and Colin and Alan had great fun trying to photograph themselves as if they were part of the display!

On Wed night we swithered between a show or the cinema. In the end, the cinema won as I didn't want to pay a fortune for the boys to be bored again. We went to see Contagion at the iMax. Huge comfy seats and a great film.

On Thursday we went to Ripleys - Believe it or not! A collection of odd quirks of nature and odd displays.

Highlights included the pickled heads - both boys are in jars and the fantastic image of Barrack Obama made out of bubble gum balls.

Thursday night was another highlight when we went back to the Rockefeller centre to go ice skating - great fun although I have really sore legs where the boots cut in - ouch!

Sadly Friday was going home day, so after a late breakfast we headed back to JFK for our flight home. All in all we had a great week in New York so now all we have to do is catch up on our sleep! Jx


CraftyLoops said...

Ach looks like you all have an awesome time. I like the looks of Ripleys. Lee x

Whisper said...

Sounds like you had a fab time, enjoy getting over the jet lag, it will take you a couple of days to feel human again !!!, Luv Sam x

Macpurp said...

fab pictures! the pickled heads made me grimace!

have a fab time
love Teen x

coops said...

fantastic pics janice.its looks like you had a brilliant holiday.the pickled head pics are so fab :D

xx coops xx