Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New York - Day 3

What a great day today has been. We started off with a family trip to The Ink Pad - and boy did the guys like that! Actually it wasn't quite what I expected either, it was a lot smaller than I imagined and although they had all the big names they didn't have that many in each. That said, I still managed to make some purchases! From there, the day really took off, we walked to the spectacular Grand Central Station and from there headed to Brooklyn Bridge. There we hired bikes and cycled over the Hudson - ACE fun in glorious sunshine. Jx


CraftyLoops said...

Oh wow, looks amazing and the weather looks beautiful. Lee x

Whisper said...

I had been told The Ink Pad was small and compact, am so glad you found it and made some purchases too !!!, gee i didn't think the weather at this time of year would have been so warm !!, Luv Sam x

coops said...

wow the weather looks glorious janice and good on you getting a crafty trip in ;D

xx coops xx

Macpurp said...

oooh looks fab! Enjoy xx
Love Teen xx