Sunday, 9 September 2012

Gardeners World

Well it's taken till the first week in Sept, but they got there in the end... my sunflowers have decided to bloom, and aren't they lovely?

I'm not surprised the sunflowers decided to make an appearance yesterday, it was a beautiful day with the temp around 22 deg C.  And the day was well used by Team Thomo - the hedge has all but had it's annual chop.  The remaining short section will be finished today hopefully and that will be it for another year.  Couldn't have done it without my two helpers though so thanks you guys! Jx


marion said...

LOvely sunflower, they are one of my favourite flowers. Hugs, marion

Tanya said...

Gorgeous! We had a strange situation with our sunflowers that my niece planted - no sunflowers grew from the pots but we got a random variety of roses, tomato and strawberry plants. hahaha.

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