Sunday, 10 July 2011

Disasters Emergency Committee

In the news this week there have been many pieces about the plight of thousands of refugees in East Africa and so an appeal was launched by the Disasters Emergency Commitee to raise funds for charities working in this area. In the mean time, I was planning doing a car boot sale to tidy out our loft a bit & recycle unwanted items

...Putting these two thoughts together, we managed to raise £98 at a car boot sale today (- despite torrential rain!) & so are now going to help the poor people in Africa with a £100 donation. - As you can imagine we are quite pleased with that!

Below is the article on the DEC page, along with a link should you wish more information.

East Africa Crisis Appeal

Families saving waterOver 10 million people are at risk in East Africa due to conflict and some areas being affected by the worst drought in 60 years. The DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal will support the work of our members in affected areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. Your donations can help provide life saving aid such as food, water, care for malnourished children and medical treatment.


Mau xx said...

Well done! what a shame it was raining so heavy, and these poor people needing clean water it hardly seems fair does it. I often donate to the building of wells projects as it does such fabulous work. Our church also send donations on a regular basis.Well done Fluffles a very worthy cause xx Mau
ps Thanks for stopping by my blog, never seen yours and your work is gorgeous, will pop back and look properly asap. xx

Lee said...

That's Fantastic you must be so pleased after putting in the effort in the rain.Thanks for you lovely visit to me.Hugs xxx