Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy BIG Birthday Liz!!!

What am I like, no cards in over a week then 2 in the same day!  There is however a reason for such over production, it's my sis's birthday today...

Happy Birthday Liz!

Hope you love being on my blog - I know the girls will love seeing you here, he he he! And I also hope you have a really lovely Birthday!

And for the ones that know me well, you will have therefore concluded that it is in fact also my birthday as we are twins!

So, my card for Liz - uses a family photo lots of dies and a special 50th ribbon - in case that had gone un-noticed!  You actually are lucky to see this card, as it was handed over before I remembered to photograph it, however John cane to the rescue and took me a quick snap - that's why the photo isn't to the usual high standard!!! Lol!

Finally, another old photo taken on a disposable camera, massively over exposed, but of such a happy day out!  Before either of us had kids, we took the ferry and went on a day trip cycling round Millport (Isle on the West coast of Scotland).  We had such a laugh that day, it was really sunny but also really windy and we giggled and carried on the whole time then arrived home rather red and rather sun burned - but it was still a great day out!  Thought Liz would like to see this one too to bring back some memories. (...of the bus!)

I'll need to raid my parents photo albums for more childhood photos tomorrow, so if you pop back at the weekend hopefully I'll have a few more photos of us up loaded by then. 

And in case any of you are wondering who's who...I'm the more active child in all the pics, poor Liz just had to put up with me - still does!!! Jx


Gail Townsend said...

Happy birthday, hope you have a lovely day. Gail xx

Debs said...

Happy Birthday lovely lady and to your beautiful Sis too xx
Love your card so perfectly personal 😀
Your photo is fabulous you both look soooooo happy xx
Hope you have a truly amazing day.
Lots of love
Debs xx

Liz said...

What a great card! Love the design. Happy Bitrthday to you both. xx

brenda said...

What a lovely and very personalised card for your sister Janice, Happy Birthday to you both.

B x

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to you both!! Liz is very lucky to have you as a Sister to make a beautiful personalised card like this!! Have a lovely day xx

Sue said...

BIG Happy Birthday wishes to you and your sister. The card you have made for her is so beautiful and very special, I love how personalised it using such a sweet photo.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Sue xx

Whisper said...

Wishing you and your sister lots of Happy Birthday Hugs and Wishes, as the pair of you have reached a Milestone Birthday.

Oooo what a super card you have made your sister and what a super photo of the two of you too, Luv Sam x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hope you both have a fabby day. Love the card for Liz, Love Hazelx

Michelle J M said...

Happy Birthday Janice, fabulous photo of you and your sister and a lovely card for her too. Michelle x

Sue B said...

Hope you and your Sis have had a fab day Janice... Aww your card for Liz is gorgeous... such a lovely photo and those papers compliment it perfectly!!
Love the photo of you both... can see you were having a fun time there!!
Thanks for sharing your photos... I love looking back at old piccies... must dig more of mine out and scan them.
Lotsa Love Sue xx

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Janice
Appears to be your birthday too then??
Well, many happy returns to you both.
Here's to more happy memories being made.
Best wishes.
Ang x

annies place said...

They'll make a fantastic scrap book. Hope you had a fabulous Big Birthday Ann x

Sarah said...

Here are the dies Janice!! Buy them then when you can't sleep you can have a die cutting session!!

and the daisy was the sentre of this set

Sarah said...

Seems I don't spell too well on a Monday morning!! Should be centre!! xx