Monday, 2 July 2012

Race For Life

Just wanted to post a big thank you to everyone who supported me in my fund-raising efforts for Cancer Research UK.

So far I have collected in a whopping £202, which I am absolutely delighted about.

The race itself went really well, I wasn't running with anyone, but you don't feel alone when in a field of 4500 competitors.

I am also delighted to say, all my training paid off - I beat my previous race time from a few years back and came in at 32.06 mins.

Now the camera crew for the day ended up being my lovely husband Craig - the boys split off and decided that shopping was more fun than watching the race. Unfortunately however, other than the still shots before and after the race, he missed the lot!

(Why is my body longer than my legs Craig? What angle was this one taken at???)

When I emerged from the links area onto the esplanade, I saw him and shouted - he noticed me as I passed & here is the first action shot, hmmm, no sign of moi!

I then plodded my way along the prom & back & was heading for my usual sprint finish, saw him just before the finish line... & nope, nothing, despite waves & shouts...I was passed & he was still gazing up the field awaiting my finish!!!

(Magnifying glasses out you guys if you want to see me - but it's a lovely pic of the sign don't you think?)

His defence was, well you were all in pink so I couldn't pick you out - instead he took what he called atmospheric shots capturing the scale of the event!

...We all had a lovely day out tho, & I'm chuffed I got off my bum and did something. Jx


Whisper said...

Oh well done you for doing a good time and also for raising so much money too, your Craig sounds like my Alan, he would have ended up doing exactly the same !!, Luv Sam x

DesignerDiva said...

Congratulations Janice you did amazing and well done beating your PB - Olympics next?


Whisper said...

I commented before i saw the photos, now i see what you mean !!!, Luv Sam x

cotnob said...

Well done, great race time and fab amount of fund-raising. I can sympathise with your husband a little, my husband runs and even when they all wear different colours it can be difficult to find him in with all the other runners.