Thursday, 26 April 2012

Good Luck Colin

...& all others sitting their SQA exams just now!

Don't know who's more nervous in our household this morning as Colin sets off for his first exam. (That's a lie - I win hands down!) So to take my mind off things I thought I'd dig out an old photo, this is Colin on his first day at school.

He's a bit bigger now that he's 15!

Will be back later after my run with a card. Jx


DesignerDiva said...

Aaaaawwwwwww he's such a little cutie! Bit small for 15, I reckon it's being locked in a dark cupboard that's stunted his growth! Lol
Wish him luck from me
Laurie xx

susiestacey said...

Good luck Colin x Susan x

Sheila said...

Bet he loves you Mam for putting this cute pic of him on your blog - or is he banned from seeing your blog he he!! Hope you find the cat/dog on Teddy Bo ok - he is gorgeous to colour! Hoping today went ok for Colin, Sheila:)X

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. he will love you for doing this!!
I wish him all the best ..
Lisa x