Sunday, 9 January 2011

Award Time

One of my ex-docraft buddies, Sharon very kindly named me on her blog as a recipient of this award...

Thanks for that Sharon!

In turn, I then have to tell you all 8 things about myself and nominate a further 4 people to recieve the award - this may take a while, but here goes;

1. I have been happily married to Craig for 22 years & we have 2 boys aged 16 & 13 & 2 cats called Tommy & Femo.

2. I struggle to write these sort of things & can't think of much else!

3. I have run the Race for Life in the past & hope to run it again this year - perhaps by writing this I'll actually sign up again!

4. My New Year's Resolution this year was to learn how to get more out of my Promarkers & learn how to colour properly.

5. I have a twin sister who is also my best friend.

6. I'm beginning to think I should hand back this award as it's taken me ages to get this far.

7. Hopefully I'm not as boring has I'm making this sound, but hey-ho, you are what you are!

8. I don't want to over load you with facts so number 8 will appear in a bit - assuming any of you actually read this or notice!

So, that bit out of the way, I'm now awarding the Stylish Blogger Award to;


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