Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mission To Mombasa

Other than the side column, I've never updated you on our progress with "Mission To Mombasa," & my son's charity trip with Books Abroad in Oct this year.

Things are now taking shape and a total of 22 people have now signed up for the trip. Alan I think will be the youngest at 15 as most of the group are adults. Now that his exams are over, we are stepping up his fundraising campaign & he was busy writing letters last week looking for sponsorship & trying to arrange a date to do a bag pack at a local supermarket.

On top of this, we now have raffles to sell, offering a £500 first prize, & I held a very successful body shop party last week so we're hoping to have made quite a bit there too - final sales tally still to be revealed!

9/6/10 - The Body Shop Party raised a fantastic £122 so thanks to everyone who came along and supported us. Jx

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